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September, 2014

Hello South Wasco County readers!

School is almost here! So are Well Child Checks!


Contact your child’s primary care provider to get one, but if you do not have one, call us! We are doing Well Child Checks and including a completed Sports Physical form if needed for all children assigned to us by their insurance, and for anyone 18 and under who does not have insurance. No child will be turned away just because he/she is not insured.

We also have staff trained to help you complete the Oregon Health Plan application. Just call for an appointment with Kimberly.


Some of you have already met our new staff members—familiar faces in a different location.

Debbie Ross, RN, has come on board as our Case Manager, so she will be contacting some of you to help coordinate your overall healthcare needs. Debbie comes from a long background in nursing: Hospital, Home Health, Hospice, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living. This is a new role for our clinic, so we are developing her job duties as we go.

Emily Perry, from Dr Balentine’s part-time staff, is training with us as a Medical Assistant. She is energetic, up lifting and eager to learn EVERYTHING! She also volunteers with Maupin Ambulance, has a twin sister locally and will be performing multiple roles out at Barlow Trail’s Pioneer Camp on the White River from Sept 5-12th.

Debbie and Emily are rounding out our current staff, which includes LeeAnn Gooch, Kimberly Stebbins, Lorna Fox, Gary DeHart and Sharon DeHart PA-C. Part-time providers continue to include Dr. Stephen McLennon, Stephen Woolpert (our Behavioral Health Consultant), Jenna Newcomb PA-C and Jennifer VanAtta PA-C.

We have had several major life & clinic changes that encompass a lot of our time and energy, so please excuse us if we are occasionally not available due to these increased pressures requiring our time elsewhere. We are trying to get them all sorted out.


We will have our low cost health screenings again—at the end of September:

Tuesday, Sept 30th, from 9-5pm

First come, first served


If you received medical insurance through Cover Oregon, please be advised that you will need to reapply during the Open Enrollment Period starting in November and ending before the end of December. Your current MODA, etc, insurance will end 12/31/2014. We will be planning sign up parties to help you reapply.


If you received Oregon Health Plan medical insurance earlier this year by FastTrak (meaning you did not complete the BIIIG application) you will need to reapply with that BIIIG application almost immediately. Your insurance coverage may be ending!


We are receiving our flu vaccine stock, so will be starting to give these vaccinations very soon. We will have Flu Shot Clinics in October and again later this fall. For those of you 50 and over, with every flu vaccine, we will be handing out Colon Cancer Screening cards for you to complete at home and return to us. These are a great non-invasive method of screening you for colon cancer and can be done every year with “the hose.” But, if the screening is abnormal at all, you will get a referral for a colonoscopy.


Have you had your mammogram in the past 2-3 years?

What about your provider’s exam of your breasts every year?

Do you do your own breast exams? You should do this monthly to make sure any change is noted and followed up on early.


And you just thought you were safe! Are you doing your testicle and scrotum checks? You too need to know what they look like and feel like so any change can be followed up on early.


Yes, we do have these when we are available. Just call us, or come on in, 541-395-2911. Remember, we are a Primary Care Medical Home, not an urgent care, but we try to make ourselves available for Immediate Care Visits if you call and ask.




June, 2014

Hello South Wasco County readers!

Summer is here! We had our first late afternoon/early evening tourist accident come through the doors on Friday night going into Memorial Day Weekend. My recommendation: don’t run in flip-flops!

As I have alluded to before, we are trying to build our Under 18 patient population, so you will be seeing several things coming up.

One of the most recent recommendations is to get more children in for their Well Child Checks. Some parents evidently are not getting these done, feeling that if their child has a Sports Physical every 2 years, as it required by the schools to play sports, that is sufficient. It is not! There are many things done during a Well Child Check, including vaccinations that are not done during a sports physical.   Therefore, we are working on something different for late summer which will include BOTH a Well Child Check AND a sports physical.

I will be advertising more on this in the Wampinrock, Facebook AND our new up-and-running website: This event, or events, will start in August.

For those parents who do not believe in vaccinating your children, the rules have changed. In order to OPT OUT, you will now be required to receive education on the benefits and risks of Opting Out for non-medical reasons before you can sign and receive an exemption.

There are two (2) ways to do this:

1)      Receive education from a healthcare provider, who will need to sign a Vaccine Education Certificate, or

2)      View the online vaccine education module at, and complete, print and sign the Vaccine Education Certificate at the end of the module.

Other information may be found, regarding this exemption process, at http://bit/ly/vaccine_and_imms or

Because of the limitations of our staff and facilities, we are asking people who wish to actually talk to a provider to contact North Central Public Health Department in The Dalles. They have staff trained to do this for you. I am more than willing to talk with parents about these new rules and whether or not your child should have certain vaccines or not. But, to be up front, I am in favor of vaccinations in order to protect the multitude of children and their families from some devastating diseases. Unless you are in your 80’s or 90’s, or live outside the US, you may not ever have experienced the epidemic devastation some diseases can create.

Each of your children needing an exemption will need a Vaccine Education Certificate.

You will want to print a copy of each signed form for your own records and one for your primary care provider.

The date on the Vaccine Education Certificate and the Certificate of Immunization Status must be within 12 months of the date you enroll your child in school or childcare.

If your child has had all of his/her childhood vaccinations in the State of Oregon we should be able to pull a record from the state Alert site; if not, hopefully you have a printed vaccination record from the state where the vaccinations were given.

Adults also need more vaccinations, as childhood vaccines we received are not still protective the longer we live. Make sure you get your updated tetanus/diphtheria with pertussis (Tdap) vaccine to protect against Whooping Cough as well as tetanus. Other adult vaccines include influenza every year, pneumonia at or after the age of 65.

The Oregon Health Authority website, has a lot of very good information, questions and answers to most ‘what if’ questions

So, that being said, stay safe this summer, but call us if you need us: 541-395-2911. Remember, we are a Primary Care Medical Home, not an urgent care, but can be available often for Immediate Care Visits if you call and ask.



We are introducing a new program to incorporate well child checks with sports physicals for the under-insured.  This will provideHealthy Child a more thorough health evaluation for our young patients as well as fulfill the requirements for school athletic participation.


If you have health insurance, please contact your primary care provider to make an appointment for these services.

If your child DOES NOT have health insurance, we can help.  Call us at (541) 395-2911 for an appointment.  We will provide the necessary medical services and a member of our staff is available to work with families to get children health insurance.



StethoscopeAre you concerned about your blood pressure?  Have you had any recent blood work for your prostate or thyroid?  We are hosting a WALK-IN Clinic to check these for you at very little cost.  Call us at (541) 395-2911 if you have any questions.

9am – 6pm



BCRibbonThe Deschutes Rim Health Clinic encourages the communities of South Wasco County to participate in this annual fund raising event in the ongoing fight against breast cancer.  We’re doing our part by providing sponsorship for the volleyball tournament and the walk/run event.  Click on the link below for all the details.





Steven WDeschutes Rim Family Health Clinic welcomes Steven Woolpert, Licensed Professional Counselor & Behavioral Health Consultant to our team.  In his own words:

I started my counseling career over 40 years ago to be of service to people wanting to make changes in their lives. Through the years I have worked with individuals dealing with alcohol & drug problems, marital & family difficulties, stress & health conditions, depression, anxiety & PTSD, plus other mental disorders. Also important is helping people gain skills & strengths to address challenges, achieve health & life goals, improve confidence & self-esteem for better quality of life.

The combination of these elements involving body, mind, and activities is now referred to as Behavioral Health. Behavioral Health focuses on what individuals do that affect all parts of life: health, work, family & relationships, thoughts & emotions, habits & interests and what skills & resources can be developed & utilized to problem solve and make positive changes towards personal goals.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor & Behavioral Health Consultant with the clinic, I assist individuals & their medical providers to address variety of difficulties involving physical &/or mental health and to help achieve agreed upon wants & goals for positive changes in a respectful manner. This is what I call whole person care, which is the heart of integrative services at the Deschutes Rim Health Clinic.

I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Arizona and have practiced in Arizona, Oregon (Portland & Hood River), and now in Washington in a community behavioral health agency serving rural people in Klickitat Co. for over 10 years. I live in the country outside of Lyle called High Prairie, as my wife & I were drawn to the land in the Columbia Gorge area. My interests include: walks & hiking, music & art, reading & history, native plants & geology, and rivers & rafting. I volunteer as a board member of the Klickitat Trail Conservancy & co-lead hikes on the trail.

Please join us in welcoming Steven, a valuable resource as we continue to enhance our services to the people of South Wasco County.